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Really quick, I just wanted to say Thanks! Thank You... by jennyleigh

Note to self;
I am currently waiting on:
:iconunlatrun: 2 headbob icons
:iconbjatterflai: 3 ych
:iconcream-s0da: 1/2 headshot art payment for a character
:iconshrouded-mist: 2 leftover fullbodies for blue long spiked collar AJ
:iconmillymarshmellow2020: 2 drawings for character payment (Naino)
:iconbeautifulhooters19: chibis and a fullbody
:iconnemytthorleif: raffle prize
:iconlittle-blublu: 4 pagedolls, 1 icon and a chibi adopt payment
:iconnekowingz: 3 fullbody
:icontisha2302: Feral drawing including Yas, Vlad, and Taz
:iconallie964: 4 drawings
:iconshadowthehedgehog389: 2 drawings for adopt payment
(Can't put icon but waiting on Apple avatar from Hiro)
Waiting for 3 art from…

People who owe me art ..................................................what I owe/reward them with

iiemmytheunicornii (DA) 2 banner and spring table

I owe 1 person (points) rn;
92 points out of the 400 points for candycorn character by Galacticcommanderkat


My favorite art ^
Please check them out and the artists, they're all amazing and so talented ;w;



XxCee has started a donation pool!
2,681 / 1
Mind donating a bit? I like using my points to commission my favorite artists such as
and sometimes buy commissions for my bestfriend MillyMarshmellow2020

Oh and I buy commissions for me and my boyfriend Zach-the-fox

Or pay for adopt(s) here!

Current balance:
30 points

I seriously prefer point payments be sent here~

Thank you!

You must be logged in to donate.
New rules on my adoptables / characters for sale involving art payment and regular point payment (possibly getting paypal?? *Gasp*)

Arrow left Rules!Arrow right 

tick Yes I will be taking art payments as always
tick Yes, I will be taking point payments as always
tick Yes, i'll be trying to get a paypal set so it's easier!
tick Yes, things will as always be; set price, offer to adopt, name your price or trade to adopt!

x No, I will not be notifying you/reminding you more than once to get the art done
x Friend or foe, I will not give you more than a month to get the art payment done (UNLESS you ask me for extra time)
x No, I will not do holds for more than 5 hours unless you specify a reason.
x I will not give you special treatment if you're a friend, watcher, or someone I deem "close"

Arrow left DISCLAIMERArrow right 

exclamation point I am not your personal reminder/ticker to get your stuff done, you either do or you don't. If you don't, i'll open the adopt to somebody else without notifying you.
exclamation point I am not responsible for your actions, if you make it complicated when I ask for something simple, you will not receive the adopt/character.
exclamation point If you didn't ask me for extra time and i've made the adopt available again, you can ASAP NOTE me, COMMENT, or REPLY to me in previous comment.
exclamation point I will not give you another month if you continue to set it aside/not notify me with a legitimate reason (EX. School work piled up, grades falling back, family issues, business with {this}, or grounded from laptop/PC/Mobile whatever it is, even your DA friend or irl friend can note me telling me what's going on with you / why you're not doing it)

Thank you! Love 

Rules are issued/implemented on both accounts as of 2/23/17


Artist | Varied
Star Emote by GasaraI'm nice and all, but i'm also a self proclaimed asshat which.. I am. Anywho I noticed I never left info on games i'm on / what my SyncedOnline is.. so here !…… (I wanna change it but i'm not paying fucking $20)
Worlize is XxCee
Wolfing is BlacknWhite88 (I wish I could change it..)
I don't have a Whirled any more since.. *looks back at community with a displeased expression* morons and admins all got fired.
Star Emote by Gasara

SWEET-ness Icon 04 by GasaraI have an adopt account

I do watcher purges a lot, if you're inactive for more than 6+ months, I block you, but I unblock you after so you have the choice of finding my page again and watching me. (This includes deactivated accounts) If I am watching someone and start to grow weary, I just unwatch and watch again much later in the months.. Another thing.. If you're rude to me for no reason what so ever or twist my words around then I don't want anything to do with you and block you for a certain period of time. This can last from a month to an entire year.

Just saying,
DO NOT advertise on my profile for your art services or deviations (This includes self promotions BUT GROUP WELCOMES/GROUP STUFF IS TOTALLY FINE)
Exclamation Emote by Gasara Exclamation Emote by GasaraPlease don't note me of art services, I prefer going to you when I have money than you coming to me and I have nothing Exclamation Emote by Gasara Exclamation Emote by Gasara

Exclamation Emote by Gasara Exclamation Emote by GasaraPlease understand this profile rule.. I really don't like "Thanks for ___" comments since they really pile up quickly, maybe not by you in particular but by like.. every single deviant I favorite art from, give llama or watch.. it piles up quickly o.o;; so, don't get mad if I end up hiding the comment. If you really wanna thank me, send a llama my way. Exclamation Emote by Gasara Exclamation Emote by Gasara

Thanks for understanding

Don't ever be afraid to ask me questions, they don't bother me + I enjoy a good conversation here and there.

Art status;
Art trades by ArbuzoweArchiwum Ask me by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Requests by ArbuzoweArchiwum Never by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Collabs by ArbuzoweArchiwum Never by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Kiribans by ArbuzoweArchiwum Never by ArbuzoweArchiwum
Points Comm by ArbuzoweArchiwum Ask me by ArbuzoweArchiwum

(I don't do commissions YET since i'm always nervous thinking the person may not like it / I spam them with screenshots of how the art / editing is going.)


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CuriousSpecter Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
HI! Just finished your commission of Vlad! Comm - Vlad the Rad by CuriousSpecter
Please send the points and I will send you a copy without the watermark :)
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Hey,can we talk..? Like,through notes or something?
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Cadis says Hi xD


My boyfriend says Hi xD
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